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Summer is coming soon, Are you ready for snorkeling? Are you still planning to use the traditional diving mask? Do you find it hard to adapt to breath via mouth and have had enough of sore jaw and swallowing water? If so, it is time to buy a full face snorkel mask which allow you to breath easily via nose and mouth, no more worries about all these problems. All you need to do is enjoy the snorkeling trip.

Compared to other sellers our snorkeling mask has the following distinctive features:

1. Longer and Foldable Snorkel Tube — Easier to breath and allow you to dive deeper / Convenience to use and you will never lose it.
2. Detachable Camera Mount with Extender — Install or remove the mount as you want / Allow the camera totally submerged in water to record.
3. Adjustable Headband with Buckle — Adjust it without need to take it off / The buckle keep the headband tightly.
4. Frosted Surface and Removable waterproof earplugs — Won’t scratches easily / Protect ears from salt water.
5. One PVC Bag— Packaged with one pvc bag for prevent the snorkel mask being scratched.


1. Please note that the full face snorkel mask was designed for surface snorkeling not free diving, as you can not pinch your nose and “blow” to equalize the pressure in your ears. Besides, please wash it with fresh water after each use and airing it before storage

2. Please ensure the mask is fitting tight on face (cheeks and jaw) before snorkeling. Any hair or beard will cause the leak and fog. Please do not use sun cream which not only can not work, but also will cause leak and marine pollution.

4. Sometimes it may be “foggy” due to temperature difference, you can use Toothpaste(do not include whitening agents) or Baby Shampoo to clear the lens to avoid fogging up, please use your hand rather than toothbrush which will damage the lens


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